The 10 most unique and beautiful flowers in the world

The 10 most unique and beautiful flowers in the world 

Flowers are the easiest way to show your feelings. When we see beautiful flowers, we become happy. The most beautiful flower looks like a smile. Whenever we meet someone on a happy occasion, we give him flowers. Flowers are very beautiful wonders of nature due to their bright colors and beautiful shape. Flowers make the world a beautiful place. See some very strange but beautiful flowers that decorate the world around us.

So let's know about the most beautiful flowers in the world.

1 Bleeding Heart - This flower, especially in bud form, is a plant of poppy family, resembling the traditional shape of two hearts, with a small droplet shape on the underside. That is why the name of this flower is bleeding heart. The color of the outer petals is bright fuchsia. Whenever this flower blooms and the outer petals open, then the white part of it starts appearing, which is called "Lady in Bath". The plant is found in Serbia, North China, Korea and Japan.

2 Parrot Flower - This flower is a wonderful plant of the balsam family. This flower is purple and red in color. If seen from a distance, this flower looks like a flying parrot. This plant is found in Thailand, Burma and parts of India.


3 Ballerina Orchid - This small plant is terrestrial spider orchidus, which blooms alone or in groups and is found on the islands of Australia. This flower is cream and maroon colored, the middle part of which is purple. This flower looks like a maiden in white tutus, which is in a beautiful ballet.

4 Duck Orchidus - Caleana is known as Duck Orchid. This flower is like a flying duck with its wings open upwards, lips like a duck's beak. This flower is redish brown in color. The plant is found in Australia, from Queensland to South Australia, and also in Tasmania.

5 Snapdragon and its skull - This flower is found in rocky areas of Europe, USA and North Africa. The petals of this flower look like a dragon's mouth and when pressed this flower opens and closes like a mouth. When the petals of this flower dry up and fall, only its seeds remain, which after drying up resemble skulls.

6 Dove Orchid / Holy Ghost Orchid - Peristeria is an orchid commonly found in South America, Panama, Tarinidad and Costa Rica. Looking at this flower from inside it looks like there is something inside it that looks like a dove. If seen carefully, the wings of the dove are open upwards and there are also red marks on the feathers, hence the name of this flower is dove orchid.

7 Naked Man Orchid - Orchis italica is also known as Italian orchid and blooms in groups. This flower is also commonly known as the naked man orchid because its petals are like a naked man. This flower is bright pink and white in color.

8 Monkey Orchid - Monkey orchid is also known as Monkey Like Dracula. This rare species of orchids is found in Peru and the south eastern parts of Ecuador. This flower looks like a monkey's mouth when viewed from above and its fragrance is like the scent of orange peels.

9 Hooker Lips - This flower is found in tropical rainforests of Central and South Africa. This flower is red in color which looks like a woman's lips.

10 Swadallad Babies - Angloua Uniflora is a beautiful orchid also known as Swadallad Babies. This plant is found in the Colombian Andes. The most amazing feature of this flower is that these flowers are large, creamy-white and waxy. This flower looks like a small child wrapped in a cloth.

Even ordinary people, scientists have not been able to explain flowers for centuries. Scientists are still under discussion on what the definition of flowers should be. Well, these are all about scientists. In nature, the development of flowers is believed to be about 200 million years ago.

Before that there were no flowering plants. There were plants with fruits like pineapple. Flowers today make us feel closer to nature. Their importance and need is increasing in the changing trend of civilization. These are beautiful flowers that you hardly know about. After seeing these flowers you will find it difficult to believe that such beautiful flowers are also there in the world.

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