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PUBG LITE : Top 5 loot sport in PUBG Map Sanhok

PUBG LITE : Top 5 loot sport in PUBG Map Sanhok

PUBG LITE has been a hit game like the others version PUBG PC and Mobile. The LITE version of the game has a challenging and learning curve to it when it comes to general gameplay. Shooting, farming and coordination all feel different in the new PUBG LITE version and so does the farming distribution. Hunting for good weapons and high level gears can be a tedious task.

We will focus on the PUBG map pf sanhok, which is small yet extremely challenging location. The gameplay is generally faster on smaller maps, Everythink from farming to fighting to survive till the every end is comparatively a lot faster than the famous map of erangle. In such a fast paced map it is extremely vital that you know where to farm and get ready for the enemies. We have put together the top five sports on the map which will give you a reat loot. We will put three parameters under each quality, these parameters will tell you about the quality, quantity and risk at these locations.

Disclaimer: loot algorithms are not constant so there may be some variation on a few occasions.

RISK: Medium-High

All the camps are located in the different parts sanhok. They are a collection of houses in close vicinity of each other. These place offer excellent loot if you are searching for assault rifles. They also offer SMGs and occasionally one can find one or two great sniper rifle like M24 or Kar98K. you will also be able to find adequate level three if you are lucky. Although these camps have medium to high loot quality if will be just enough for a squard.
Not many people option to land on camp but if the plane’s path falls on them, might be few people dropping off. It is best to be award of people landing before or after you. These places are a great option if you are not able to cope with the fast paced combats in boot camps or paradise-resort.

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