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Lets Learn ABCD of Film Editing

Lets Learn ABCD of Film Editing

If you are interested in movies and want to make a career in film editing, then these tips can be useful to you. Know What is the main motto for creating a career in film editing...

Ever wondered, how many people have worked so hard to make the movies you watch on the big screen which you entertain. In addition to artists, script writers, dialog writers, action and comedy, film editors work hard to bring a film to the big screen.
No matter how good the screenplay of the film is, it can not touch the audience's heart till it is edited well. If you want to make a career in film editing then here are some tips for you, which can help you in this...

Cut but carefully

Ever saw Taylor clotting you Fittings can not be correct if cloth is also wrongly cut. You can understand the editing of movies in a similar way. What is the cutting of the sine, where to give extra effect, what are the slows to do etc.
The understanding of these things is important. While editing, keep in mind that no important dialogue is cut.


Music and songs are very important in Indian movies. The viewers prefer background music with the scenes in movies and the songs between the story also But you have to understand where and when to put songs.
The same thing applies to background music. If the scene is very strong and you are confident that it will be able to bind the audience, then you can make that scene more effective by putting the right background music there.
Yes but also keep in mind that background music sounds are consistent. For example, Sean is a comedy and Sad Music has been there.

Sound and sounds match

Many times you may have seen that the film scenes are going on ahead and the voice is coming later. In film editing, it is important to take care of the words that match sounds and sounds.

Do not cut the same way

It is not necessary to cut the second scene even after cutting a scene. Do a little bit different. See also other angles. Especially if the director is taking a separate shot, it would be better to cut it from a different angle.

Look first, then cut

During the filming, the cameras are mounted on many angles. Some cameras also move, especially in action scenes, most cameras are used. Before film editing, watch the film of all the cameras and only editing. This is the correct way of editing.

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