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The Internet's Fastest Websit

The Internet's Fastest Website

Friends, the Internet is so vast that whatever you want to search is the result that comes in front of you today. Everybody needs the Internet. If you are a programmer then you must have internet ), But if you want to search the programming code or read the news then you can search the news site and read the news. Any person offers amazing facilities to get information from any corner of the world. Through Internet, we can get any information in just a few seconds. Today, some of the internet know about the most amazing websites.

Friends, today I will talk about the internet internet's most powerful website that you do not know, so let's talk about some such website.

1.  Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos

Friends, this is a great site. Black photos can change from this site to Color, in a few seconds. You can easily convert Black and White photos from any of these sites to Color, for example, the photo of Charlie Chaplin will be found on Google at Black and White. You can see that photo by uploading this site. Here's the black and white and color photo given.

2. DESTROY ANY WEBSITE | Ruining any website

Friends, just as the name suggests you can ruin any website. Just wait. You are not thinking that it really destroys any website, it is not so. It's a wonderful website. For some time, you will feel that the website has been destroyed. You also see this site and enjoy it. You have to follow some steps for this

1. The website is to open

2. If you do not see the icon of "Bookmark" after opening this site, then by pressing ALT + F, the Bookmarks button will be visible, then

3. clicking the Bookmarks button and clicking "Show Bookmarks Bar" Icon will appear.

4.Then drag the "Launch KICK ASS" button and move it towards the bookmark and end it, you will see this button

5. After that you open any website

6. On the website you want to destroy, click on the button "Kick Ass" (which is in Bookmarks) once and click on the website that is opened.

7. After that you can control with Left, Right, UP, Down arrow key

8. Now you can delete any text from the space bar.

9. Try it, you will enjoy it very much.


This website is quite fun. From this website you can know the history of Earth. For example, 150 million before today, how was the earth, whether or not our country used to exist at that time. How was the earth at the time of dinosaurs This site is good enough to know history and you can show the children how the earth was at that time. Go to this website and see your history. View the photo of the Ancient Earth Globe


From this website, what is happening in real time on the internet, how many photos were uploaded on the Instagram site, how many calls have been made to Skype, how many Tweets have been done on Twitter, and so many sites You can also get the information of real time data. You can also see this site.


You can know the exact time from this website. So far, we thought that the timing of news is absolutely correct. It is not that you can know the exact time from this site. This can be done to know the time of any country. You can check it after that you will give me a comment.


This website is quite fun. You have to go to this website and click on the button "START" and then click on the "LET'S GO" button to keep the CENTER points carefully for 30 seconds and look away quickly after 30 seconds. You have been You will wait for me to comment, no fun site.

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