Achievement / India achieved the power to put off satellites in space

Achievement / India achieved the power to put off satellites in space; it became the fourth country to do so: Modi

Indian scientists killed a live satellite at a height of 300 km from the A-SAT missile
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Earlier this technique was only with America, Russia and China

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country on Wednesday. He said that India has registered its name in space history. India has killed the Satellite in the Lo Mein Orbit (LEO) in space in three minutes. This is the fourth country in the world to achieve this achievement. This was the first time after the code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections, when Modi addressed the country. On November 8, 2016, Modi suddenly called the country and announced the ban.

'So far 3 countries had this achievement'

The Prime Minister said, "Today, March 27, shortly before, India has achieved an unprecedented achievement. India has today named its name as Space Maha Shakti, or Space Power. So far, three world countries - America, Russia and China - had achieved this achievement. Now India is the fourth country, which has achieved this today. For every Hindustani, there can not be a great moment of pride. Shortly before, our scientists have killed a live satellite in the Leo, 300 kilometers away in space. "

Modi said, "This Live Satellite, which was a predetermined target, was shot down by an anti-satellite missile in the low-orbit. The operation was successfully completed in just three minutes. Mission power was a very difficult operation, which required a very high degree of technical ability. All goals and objectives have been achieved by scientists. It is a matter of pride for all Indians that this feat has been developed by India's developed anti-satellite A-SAT missile. "

Everyone is getting the benefit of satellites'

Modi said, "I congratulate all the scientists, the people of DRDO, who have contributed in achieving this extraordinary success. We are proud of our scientists. Space has become an important part of our lifestyle today. Today, we have sufficient number of satellites that are contributing in different areas like agriculture, defense, disaster management, TV, entertainment, weather information, navigation, education, medical. All the benefits of our satellites are being found. "

'Our ability is not against anybody'

He said, "The importance of space and the satellite in the world is going to increase, maybe life will be incomplete without it. In such a situation, the security of all these devices is equally important. Today's anti-satellite A-SAT missile will give a new solidarity to the country in terms of India's security and in terms of India's development journey. Today, I want to assure the world community that what we have achieved this new capacity is not against anybody. It is a protective initiative of the fast moving country. India has been against arms race in space. There has not been any change in this policy. Today's test does not violate any kind of international law or treaty agreements. We want to use modern technology to protect and welfare the 130 million citizens of the country. "

'India's motto is internal development and progress'

Modi said, "Strong India is essential for peace and security in this region." The basic purpose of India's work in the field of space is the security of India, the internal development and progress of India. This mission of today is an important step towards securing these dreams, which was necessary for the protection of these three pillars. Today's success should look like a step forward towards a safer nation, a prosperous nation and peaceful nation in the coming days. "

'Modern technology must be adopted'

According to the Prime Minister, "It is important that we go ahead and be prepared for future challenges. We have to adopt modern technology to bring positive change in our lives. All Indians feel secure, this is our goal. I have full confidence in the strength, commitment and dedication of my people. We unite to build a powerful, vast and prosperous India. I imagine such an India which can think of two steps forward from its time and can dare to walk. "

"Too many congratulations and wishes for the great achievement of all the citizens today. I congratulate those who do it. Long live Mother India.''

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