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Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games: - Hello Everyone, If you also like to play games or play games on your Android Phone or Computer, then you would have known PUBG Game very well, which kept track of good games right now. is. At the time I am writing this post, PUBG Android Game and PC games are both Trending at this time.

Today I'm going to tell you all about Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games, however PUBG Game has been in the hearts of all the people for a long time, after the launch of this game's version of the game, now its Lite version is also Google Playstore Have arrived at Well the main purpose of writing this post is that in today's time there are many people who have phones with Low Ram and Processor.

Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games - Just Like PUBG

In which PUBG Mobile does not run correctly, and if they can not enjoy PUBG, then friends, if you have a phone with a low Ram in which PUBG is not able to run correctly, or if you have any other similar game of PUBG If you want to enjoy this post, keep reading this post and today I am going to tell you about Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games. This is the first in the list.

 1. Garena Free Fire -
Garena Free Fire: Like PUBG, this game is also famous among the people, which was launched before PUBG on November 20, 2017. This game has also made a huge amount on PlayStore, which has about 100 Million + downloads. Its ratings also are 4.5 , which the people have not quite liked. The size of this game is also very small, which is only 353 MB, but if I talk about game features then

 Garena Free Fire Game Features -

  • ·        Realistic And Smooth Graphics
  • ·        10 Minutes And 50 Players In A Match Epic Survival Goodness Awaits
  • ·        4 Man Squad With In-game Voice Chat
  • ·        Survival shooter in its original form, for the play zone, loot your enemies Along the way, go for airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players.

 2. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival -

Hopeless Land: This Game was launched on Playstore on February 7, 2018, and this is exactly like PUBG Alternative, you also get the same features and options that are available in PUBG. This game has downloads of about 10M + on Google PlayStore which is increasing, and it's got 4.2 . Which has received 354K reviews. If you talk about the size of this game, then it is 332MB, and if you talk about features, then there are the same features which can be seen in PUBG.

The best and most important thing of the game is that you will not have any problem to play this game,that means that the game runs absolutely in almost all Devices without any difficulty. So if you were looking for such a game for yourself, then this is good for you.

3. Rules of Survival -

Rules of Survival: These games are also very good, just like PUBG, they get better graphics. If the size of this game is talked about, it is 1.6GB, and it has given people around 4.2 ratings and 1M reviews. Now if it talks about its downloads, it has more than 10M + downloads.

If you talk about the rest of the game's highlights now, you get 8 × 8 Map in which you get 300 Players together, meaning you have to Survive yourself by avoiding 300 Players. This Rules of Survival Game is currently playing World Wide 100 Million people.

Rules Of Survival Game Features -
  • ·        Absolute Fair Play in A Massive HD Map
  • ·        Last Man Standing Solo or Team Mode in a 120 Survivors' Battle
  • ·        Pick up and Use! Wide variety of Firearms and Accessories
  • ·        Fast and Furious! Drive vehicles across Different Terrains

 4. Crossfire: Legends -

Crossfire: Legends: Friends also from the Tencent Games whose PUBG Game you are playing now, because it is from Tencent Games, you can think of how it will be Graphics and Quality and Controls. If I talk about the downloads of this game, then this Crossfire: Legends Game is currently playing more than World Wide 5M +. The ratings of which are very amazing, have been given by Ratings 4.3 and 169K reviews of 4.3.

This is the only game from Tencent Games that gives you the option of Mutant Mode, that is, it is exactly like PUBG, it has been slightly specialized by inserting this mode. Now let's look at the features of this game.

Crossfire: Legends Game Features -

·        Talk about its game features, you get to see three modes in it.
  • ·        Mutant Mode
  • ·        TDM
  • ·        BR Mode

1. Mutant Mode: This mode was available only for PC but now it has come for the Global Mobile Version. In this mode, the logo is divided into two factions in the game, a Humans and other mutants in which Humans are required by Weapons to kill Mutants and Mutants kill Humans using their powers.

2. TDM: In this mode you get a time limit in which you have to die more than you can win the game.

3. BR Mode: These are "Last Man Standing In Battle Royal Mode" which you can play in Solo, Duo, Suqad Mode, from here in this game you have to do GAMEPlay with the same PUBG, for the sake of the match.

5. Knives Out –

Knives Out: This is the last game in the list of Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games, if you talk about this game, then it is also very popular game Playstore which has Downloads of 10M + and its Ratings are also good and Positive Reviews are also available.
Speaking of the size of this game, it is just 34MB of PlayStore, which is its app. When you install it on your phone, it will be Data Download, which will grow according to Size Update, its size is 1633MB Belong to This game was launched on November 18, 2017, which developers have recommended for the 16+ Age logo.

Knives Out Game Features -
  • ·        High Quality Graphics
  • ·        100 enter, but only 1 emerges
  • ·        It's a big bad world out there
  • ·        Team Up, Speed ​​Up, Tear Up

Now if you talk about the features of this game, you will feel like PUBG, the rest of the features are exactly the same as PUBG, in which once 100 players fall into the Battleground together.

Conclusion -

At Last Friends, I would like to say that the games that I have mentioned above are not exactly the same. But of course PUBG, but you will get the same PUBG. Apart from these games there are still many games which are its only ones like Survivor Royal, Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground, Black Survival etc.

I hope you guys like this list of these Top 5 PUBG Alternative Games, if you like this post, definitely share with your friends, and comment that you liked more of this game and why. Thank you for your time ..


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