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These 12 diseases can be caused by vitamin D deficiency

These 12 diseases can be caused by vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D meets us with sunlight, that is, we do not even need to spend money for it. And you know that if we have vitamin D deficiency in our body, then we may have many health problems.

 1 Vitamin D is essential

So far, we believed that our deficiency of Vitamin D weakens our bones. But, if our body lacks vitamin D, then we may have to face many other health problems.

 2 Osteoporosis

To maintain the density and strength of bones, our body should contain adequate amounts of Vitamin D and calcium. Without this the bones become weak. This increases their risk of breakdown and fracture.

3 Asthma

Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency can cause asthma. Vitamin D deficiency and lung function have direct connection, this relationship is especially seen in children. It has also come to the fore that vitamin D helps keep the protein producing the swelling away from the lungs. Along with this, it also helps in boosting inflammation-causing proteins.

4 Keep the heart healthy

 Vitamin D deficiency leads to increased blood pressure. In addition, research also proves that the lack of vitamin D is more likely to cause death from heart disease.

5 Swelling and burning

 Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to inflammatory diseases. If there is not a lot of vitamin D in the body, then the risk of getting Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Type One Diabetes increases.


6 Cholesterol         

It has been observed that without making adequate light of sunlight, the elements that make vitamin D are then converted to cholesterol. There may be a deficiency of vitamin D.

7 Allergies

Research proves that children who have vitamin D levels lower than normal, are more likely to have food and food allergies.

8 Influenza

Some research also suggests that those who have low levels of Vitamin D are more likely to see the complaint of cold and cold than normal people.

9 Depression

There is a deep connection between vitamin D deficiency and depression. The receptors of vitamin D are in many areas of the brain. They also play an important role in the development of the brain. Therefore it is believed that if a person has deficiency of Vitamin D, then he may have a complaint of depression.

10 Type 2 diabetes

Research shows that the deficiency of vitamin D increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Some research suggests that vitamin D deficiency has an effect on glucose resistance in the body.

11 Effect on teeth

It is revealed that due to the shortage of vitamin D in older people, they are more likely to break teeth. So, if you want your teeth to stay strong for a long time, keep the normal levels of vitamin D in your body.

12 Rheumatoid arthritis

Research shows that women who have vitamin D deficiency are more at risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Along with that, those who already have this disease, if they have vitamin D deficiency, they can disturb the symptoms further.

13 Cancer

In one research, it has been found that 75% of the different types of cancer patients lack Vitamin D deficiency. And among patients with low vitamin D level, the higher the level of cancer the cancer occurs. However, more research is yet to be done.

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